Green Roof

A Perfect Fit

green-roof-install-diagramToday, green is no longer just a colour. It implies environmentally friendly, and our society needs to become greener every day.

A green roof literally means a roof made out of or supporting living plants such as trees, grass, shrubs, or flowers. In Europe, there are literally thousands of roofs supporting plant life. Green roof technology is a phenomenon that’s not only catching the interest of governments and the public but soon becoming the way things are done.

Tuff-Gard Seamless Roofing Membrane Systems are a part of this emerging technology and is already used in a number of successful projects in Toronto and Ottawa. It is a perfect fit for the green revolution.

What is a Green Roofing System?

A green roof system is a system that incorporates vegetation into the building’s roof. A green roofing system includes:

  • A layer of growing medium, like soil
  • Vegetation
  • A filtration layer that would remove all “unwanted” materials (liquid, gaseous, solid),
  • Drainage components
  • A root resistant protective layer
  • A waterproofing layer, such as the Tuff-Gard Seamless Membrane.

Tuff-Gard and is proven to protect against water damage, corrosion and wear, all while meeting green roofing standards on a number of levels:

  • Components are environmentally friendly, being made of inert chemicals that do not poison the environment
  • The application requires no harmful chemicals to make it adhere to the substrate and it can be sprayed to any desired thickness;
  • It’s high elasticity, with exceptional “memory” (ability to return extremely close to its original size after being stretched) makes it very durable which means it will not need to be replaced as often as conventional roofing materials.

Toronto is the first city in North America to have a bylaw to require and govern the construction of green roofs on new development. It was adopted by Toronto City Council in May 2009.

The Bylaw applies to new building permit applications for residential, commercial and institutional development made after January 31, 2010, and will apply to new industrial development as of April 30, 2012.

Read the article about “Growing Green Roofs in Toronto”, Reprinted from Beaches Living Guide – Spring/Summer 2009.

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