Pipeline Coatings

Tuff-Gard is a fast-drying rubberized coating spray applied to steel surfaces. Use it for above and below ground pipelines, structural steel, bridges, tanks, and other steel surfaces. Tuff-Gard is a solvent-free, two-component, high-performance coating. Tuff-Gard is also available in a single component brush and roller application version. Used for corrosion protection of buried pipe, flanges, valves and fittings, it can be hand-applied to fittings and aids in the rehabilitation of existing pipelines.

Below-ground Piping and Ventilation Structures

To control corrosion on piping and ventilation equipment, Tuff-Gard products have excellent adhesion to metal and are easy to apply by brush and roller or spray system. Both resist under-cutting, blistering and peeling, which are workplace-safe to apply and are cost-effective. Tuff-Gard is equally effective for protecting new metal surfaces and stopping corrosion progression on existing rusted surfaces.