Advantage 2 Data Sheet

Tuff-Gard is a single component, elastomeric system of polymer-modified bitumen. The component is waterborne, non-flammable liquids, which present no storage or transportation hazards.

The Tuff-Gard System successfully addresses and eliminates the recurring problems associated with conventional membrane and coating systems.


Ease of Application
Tuff-Gard is applied on site in one coat at virtually any desired thickness. Both components are at ambient air temperature when applied, with no heat required or involved in the application. The system produces no offensive odors and no VOC emissions.

Elimination of the Major Cause of Membrane Failure
Tuff-Gard applications are monolithic, having no laps or seams to compromise the function of the membrane, thus eliminating the major cause of failure of conventional sheet membranes.

Independent Strength
Tuff-Gard is extremely tough, having independent strength equal to or exceeding top quality sheet membranes and coatings, thus significantly reducing the risk of mechanical damage, another frequent cause of failure.

Superior Performance
Tuff-Gard demonstrates performance superior to pre-formed and other “basic” membranes and coatings, especially in terms of flexibility, with elongation to 1800% and recovery to 95%, combined with the ability to withstand continuous thermal cycling.

Elimination of Tracking
Tuff-Gard fully bonds to the substrate, eliminating water tracking.

Major Cost Savings
Compared to conventional systems, Tuff-Gard cuts installation times dramatically, requiring less surface preparation and allowing faster completion of projects at significant labour and other cost savings, while providing a high quality installation.

We encourage and provide a disciplined approach to product application based on product excellence, quality assurance and enhanced customer service. Quality procedures have been adopted throughout all operational areas, from component manufacture to finished applications. These procedures remain in a state of continuous review and improvement via participation of the company, its distributors and licensed applicators, in an ongoing quality assurance program.


Tuff-Gard Membrane Testing Results
Elongation >1800% – Maximum machine stroke reached
Tensile Strength Material did not fail. Maximum machine stroke reached
Recovery 95%
Peel Strength Material did not peel from substrate
Puncture Resistance No puncture at deflection at 12.5 in. Maximum machine stroke reached
Low Temperature elongation
@ 22F
High Temperature Aging
for 48 days @ 176F
Elongation >300% min. No deterioration or failure
Service Temperature -35F to 176F No deterioration or failure
Water Absorption Weight change 1.02% maximum
Water Vapour Transmission 0.08 grains /hr/ft
Permeance 0.16 grains/hr/ft/in Hg (perms)
Resistance to Hydrostatic Head >150 ft water, no leak observed
Ozone Exposure
(41 days @ 100 ppm maintained @ 95F)
Period equivalent to 14 years. Exposure in outdoor ambient environment. No deterioration or failure.
Salt Fog Exposure
(@ 95F for 1,000 hrs)
No deterioration or failure
Biomonitoring: daphnia, fathead minnow, algal Passed
Cathodic Disbondment No Disbondment
Class A Fire Rating “: 12 slope Passed
Ultraviolet Light Exposure Period equivalent to 57 years. Exposure in outdoor ambient environment. Test still in progress
Accelerated Aging Test Period equivalent to 61 years. Exposure in outdoor ambient environment. Test still in progress