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With many years of research and development, Tuff-Gard is formulated to meet your needs for a green, non-toxic and cost-effective sealing and waterproofing solution.

Tuff-Gard is a waterborne, 100% waterproof and seamless membrane liquid rubber system with a multitude of industrial and residential applications including roofing and foundation waterproofing, corrosion protection and sealant for wood, metal and concrete.

Available in a full range of sizes and configurations, from do-it-yourself Advantage + caulking that seals the smallest residential problem, to full-scale, custom industrial applications.


With over 40 years experience in the roofing and building trades, the creators and manufacturers of Tuff-Gard knew there was a need for a sealing and waterproofing product that:

  • Provides excellent value
  • Is remarkably durable & versatile
  • Has no VOCs
  • Reduces waste
  • Uses recycled materials

Whatever you waterproofing needs, get Tuff-Gard’s “Absolute Water Protection”.

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