The Tuff-Gard Advantage

Tuff-Gard Advantage 1 - Gallon Can


  • For larger applications use a roller or squeegee
  • Adheres well to all types of foam, concrete, stone, wood, cement, metal and EPDM
  • Eco-Friendly and Minimal odor
  • Dormer and Skylight Repair
  • Foundation Repair


Tuff-Gard is a two component elastomeric system of polymer-modified bitumen. Both components are waterborne, non-flammable liquids, which present no storage or transportation hazards.

The Tuff-Gard system successfully addresses and eliminates the recurring problems associated with conventional membrane and coating systems providing:

  • Major Cost Savings: Tuff-Gard cuts installation time dramatically compared to conventional systems, requiring less surface preparation and allowing faster completion of projects at significant labour and other cost savings, while providing a high quality installation. (retrofit roof over )
  • Ease of Application: Tuff-Gard is spray applied on site in one coat at virtually any desired thickness. Both components are at ambient air temperature when applied, with no heat required or involved in the application. Neither component produces offensive odours or VOC emissions (alone or combined).
  • Longer Lasting for Reduced Maintenance Costs: Tuff-Gard applications are monolithic, having no laps or seams, which eliminates the major cause of failure of conventional sheet membranes.
  • Stronger than Conventional Roofing Materials: Tuff-Gard is extremely tough, having independent strength equal to or exceeding top quality sheet membranes and coatings, thus significantly reducing the risk of mechanical damage, another frequent cause of failure.
  • Superior Performance: Tuff-Gard demonstrates performance superior to pre-formed and other “basic” membranes & coatings, especially in terms of flexibility, with elongation to 1800% and recovery of 95% and the ability to withstand continuous thermal cycling to cope with extremes of climate.
  • Elimination of Tracking: Tuff-Gard fully bonds to the substrate, eliminating water tracking.


The Tuff-Gard Advantage

It’s a smarter choice for high-performance roofing and waterproofing protection, reduced costs and improved customer satisfaction.