Suited to Any of Your Application Needs

Tuff-Gard is as versatile as it is strong and effective at sealing and protecting your property. And there’s even more reason to choose Tuff-Gard for your next project:

  • Safe & Environmentally Friendly – Tuff-Gard incorporates recycled materials, it is non-flammable, water-based and contains no solvents.
  • Easy to Apply – Spray-on or brush-on, Tuff-Gard goes on easily and adheres to any surface material from concrete and steel to foam insulation, vertical or horizontal.
  • Economical – Cold application means Tuff-Gard installs fast, reducing labour costs. Long-lasting durability reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

From small repair patches to massive projects Tuff-Gard seals and protects anything, anywhere. WE ARE THE ABSOLUTE WATER PROTECTION SOLUTION!

Tuff-Gard products are available in several convenient sizes and viscosities to suit your needs. Products range from 1-gallon cans to 260 Litre totes. Contact us for more information.