Ultimate Retrofit Roof

Tuff-Gard’s Rubberized Seamless Membrane applied over 3lb closed-cell foam and top-coated with our Reflective Coating makes for the ultimate light-weight roofing replacement system!

The Ultimate Retrofit Roofing System

Restore Your Roof and Save Money on Energy Bills

  • The retrofit process starts with the removal of stone if it is a built-up roof
  • The surface is then cleaned and prepared for spray foam
  • A 3 Lb closed-cell polyurethane foam insulation is then sprayed to the required depth for specified “R” value
  • Tuff-Gard Rubberized Seamless Membrane is then applied over the foam creating a water-proof and highly insulated roofing system and moisture barrier
  • Finally, our Reflective Coating is applied over the membrane which is bright white and serves to add additional UV protection by reflecting rather than absorbing the sun’s damaging rays

Retrofit Process in Pictures