Environmentally Friendly Roofing Technology

Environmentally Friendly Roofing Technology

press1In these days of rising energy costs and concerns about global warming, one Ontario-based company is achieving great success by offering a roofing technology which they claim provides an energy saving, cost reducing solution.

Tuff-Gard Seamless Membrane Systems Inc. uses a cold, spray-on roofing system which forms a seamless, totaly waterproof membrane that’s resistant to salt, UV damage and other environmental hazards. “Our system”, states company owner Joel Starkman, “can enhance the level of roof insulation, which in turn can lower the building temperature, thus saving money on air conditioning and reducing energy usage“. In addition to being effective for roofing (new and retrofit), the Tuff-Gard Seamless Membrane System has also proven effective for foundation waterproofing; liners for tanks, pipes, ponds, water towers, etc; industiral wash bays; methane gas barriers; anti-corrosion treatment; and more.

Accordinpress2g to Joel, “Tuff-Gard is totally monolithic, with no laps or seams, which creates a far more effective moisture barrier than conventional sheet membranes, which have laps or seams that can result in membrane failure. And Tuff-Gard bonds firmly to most substrates without use of a primer, saving time and money on installation“.

“Another environmentally friendly aspect of the product”, says Starkman,” is the product itself. Unlike acrylic urethane coatings used by others, Tuff-Gard is odourless and non-toxic. It consists of two stable, water-borne, non-flammable, non-hazardous components“.

Since it’s used primarily in commercial and industrial applications, Joel also likes to point out that Tuff-Gard apparently offers a tax advantage over other roofing systems. “A traditional roof”, explains Joel,”is a capital cost that has to be written off over several years. But since Tuff-Gard is a waterproofing system, it’s categorized as maintenance and repair, making it tax deductible, and the cost can be fully passed on to tenants.

And for roofing applications where the Tuff-Gard Seamless Membrane may not be the appropriate solution, the company also boasts over 40 years of experience in traditional roofing construction and repair, and is a member of the Professional Roofers Advisory Council.

For more information about Tuff-Gard Seamless Membrane Systems Inc. and its services, contact Joel Starkman at 416-410-9155.

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