Tuff-Gard Seamless Membrane Systems offer a cold spray, or (pump) solution for new or retrofit roofing. Without the hazards of a torch-town system, Tuff-Gard applications are faster and more economical. Because Tuff- Gard can also be applied to slopes, it is the perfect coating for existing steel roofing. Tuff-Gard has no VOC’s so it can be used where a potable water solution is required and it has numerous top coat options.

Tuff-Gard is safe to apply; it is non-flammable and it is water-based containing no solvents. Tuff-Gard products can be used as the finish coating or can be part of a two-part system using a topcoat to provide a tough, coloured surface.

Tuff-Gard liquid membrane provides cost effective waterproofing for all types of roof construction. Tuff-Gard certified can waterproof up to 1000 m of roof surface per day. The rubberized membrane resists damage from water, acid rain, the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and wind.

For commercial and industrial roofing applications, Tuff-Guard Seamless Membrane System offers a tax advantage over other roofing systems. “A traditional roof”, explains Joel Starkman, President of Tuff-Gard, “is a capital cost that has to be written off over several years. But since Tuff-Guard Seamless Membrane System is a waterproofing system, it is categorized as maintenance and repair, making it a one-time tax-deduction. By using this system when you re-roof your building, you get the benefits, not the tax man!”

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