Spray Foam Roofing and the TUFF-GARD Membrane System

Spray Foam Roofing and the TUFF-GARD Membrane System

Scarborough, Ontario – (February 1, 2013) Tuff-Gard, an asphalt emulsion product with a polymers and a blend of latexes, has a elongation property of up to 1,800% and has been designed to withstand harsh weather and waterproof the desired surfaces.

Tuff-Gard can be used for many forms of waterproofing including: roofing, foundations, pond liners, containment tanks, mining, marine uses and many more applications.

Tuff-Gard’s founder Joel Starkman has worked with chemists to develop the product to where it stands today.

Starkman has been in the construction and roofing industry for more than 40 years.  His knowledge and vast experience in the construction and roofing industry has made him realize that there is a need for waterproofing products that can be applied simply at a economical price level and provide longevity.

Tuff-Gard has a high firer resistance level and is a eco-friendly product that is VOC-free. Tuff-Gard can be applied in hot climates and will also withstand subzero conditions.

The manufacturer Tuff-Gard Seamless Membrane Systems Inc. has formulated several products that can be applied manually using Advantage 1 a single component brush and roller applied product for horizontal surfaces or Advantage 2 a trowel grade product for vertical surfaces. The caulking grade product Advantage+ is used for sealing of cracks, metal work (seams or eaves) and small repairs.

The spray application consists of two-components that are applied through a specially designed spraying machine that acts with two pumps blending the emulsion along with a catalyst.  When sprayed on to a surface this forces the product to cure rapidly. This equipment reacts similar to a spray foam system except that the equipment is much more economical and the two components blend after being sprayed rather than as in the lines of a spray foam unit.

Starkman has also developed a system where a conventional roof can be sprayed with a three-pound roofing foam to insulate and add structural security to the roof.  The Tuff-Gard membrane can then be applied to waterproof the system leaving a seamless application.

The Tuff-Gard system along with the three-pound spray foam becomes an economical roofing system that benefits the client by providing him with energy savings.  The contractor can work with his client to determine the amount of insulation required to give the desired energy savings.  For example, 2″ of spray foam gives an R-value of 12.8 and an energy savings of approximately 15%. With 5″ of spray foam there is an R-value of 32 and an energy savings of approximately 30%.

The Tuff-Gard system will offer savings on roof repairs, energy costs, maintenance on HVAC equipment while adding longevity to HVAC equipment. This system will add value to the property and will also reduce rotting and lost production time.

The certified applicator can now offer a warranty of ten years with extended periods of up to twenty-five years.  This creates a built-in maintenance program that gives the contractor the opportunity to return to his client at the end of the term to inspect the roof and make any recommendations.  If repairs are required the contractor can negotiate the cost with the client and extend the warranty for an additional term of five years renewing to the life expectancy of a twenty-five year system.  If required at the end of the warranty an additional coating of Tuff-Gard can be applied and renew the warranty program.

Starkman says that currently most spray applications are conducted within the premise of the home or building.  This system will allow a certified contractor to quote on much larger projects.  This would give a greater return for a day’s work.  For example, a contractor spray foaming a house could normally apply up to 1,000 sq. ft. per day.  When spray foaming a roof he can apply 10,000 sq. ft. per day and receive ten times the profit for that day’s work.  The contractor can then apply the Tuff-Gard seamless membrane (which also can be applied at the rate of 10,000 sq. ft. per day) giving the contractor the additional profit that he would derive from applying the Tuff-Gard spray system.

Critical to Tuff-Gard establishing as a major roofing coating is the company’s dealer network.  Tuff-Gard Certified Applicators go through a five-day training program before they are qualified to install the material.  The program features two days training for the proper use and maintenance of the spray equipment for the application of Tuff-Gard.  The following two days are spent on learning the spraying procedures on a actual roof or a mock-up roof.  The fifth and final day Tuff-Gard will work with the Certified Applicator to get an understanding of the business aspects of the program.

Tuff-Gard will attend the first two projects with the Applicator to insure a successful application. Tuff-Gard Seamless Membrane Systems Inc. has shipped product throughout North America, South America, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe.  The company plans on extending into further distribution and dealership networks.

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