Waterproofing Products



Advantage I when used with the Complete System on a roof adds the highest amount of energy efficiency to a building or foundation.


The reflective top coat provides 95% sunlight reflection and is now required by environmental law in many states as part of coating.


Tuff-Gard products are amongst the highest rated coatings and sealants for both longevity and weatherproofing.


Due to the material composition and elasticity of the Tuff-Gard line, leaks are a concern of the past.

From waterproofing foundation walls to lightweight roofing options no material does the job better than Tuff-Gard.

When you combine the waterproofing and sealing properties of rubber into a liquid spray system it has virtually limitless applications, including steel roof repair, flat roofing, pond liners, concrete sealant, and application methods, including spray-on, caulking gun, brush and roller, and trowel you have an ideal product for all your building sealant needs.

The Ideal Water Sealant

Waterproofing your home or commercial building is one of the best ways to protect your investment. Concrete and roofing cracks and leaks can result in costly water damage. The problem is how can you waterproof your entire building and avoid water damage from top to bottom?

The Tuff-Gard Advantage

Versatility, durability and environmental safety are just the beginning of the advantages that homeowners, building owners and managers, and building trades contractors can enjoy when they choose the Tuff-Gard seamless membrane system.

Developed in Ontario, Canada, Tuff-Gard is designed to resist damage from anything the harshest environments can throw at it, including water, acid rain, temperature fluctuations, the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and wind damage.

Tuff-Gard Advantages

From the tip of your roof to the base of your concrete foundation, Tuff-Gard is the waterproofing sealant of choice for architectural and construction professionals:

  • Waterproofing Roofs – From residential applications to waterproofing flat roofs on commercial and industrial buildings, Tuff-Gard’s easy application, seamless seal and durability – it’s built to withstand the sun’s UV radiation, temperature fluctuations and wind damage – make it the ideal roofing sealant.
  • Waterproofing Foundations – Fast and versatile application makes it easy to plug every concrete crack and hole to waterproof your home or building and avoid damage from water, mould and mildew.
  • Waterproofing Cement, Metal and Wood – All around your home, the right waterproofing can help extend the lifespan of your property, reduce maintenance costs and increase the value of your real estate.

Whether you’re a waterproofing contractor, construction company or homeowner, you owe it to yourself to use the best available waterproofing materials to protect your investment or provide the best customer service. You owe it to yourself to choose Tuff-Gard.